Gum Care

Although care of gums at the Princes Street Dental Practice is focused on prevention, where existing gum disease is present this requires care and management. Our dental hygienists provide routine scaling and polishing but also will remove deeper deposits from the areas beneath the gums when this is required. If this should be uncomfortable then the areas requiring deep cleaning can be made numb before cleaning commences. It is important to us that patients remain comfortable during any cleaning procedures. If the deeper debris is not removed from teeth in the areas beneath the gum then healing of the gums will not take place, the gum disease will continue and the effected teeth may be lost. The key factor in gum disease that can be controlled is keeping the join between teeth and gums clean, our hygienists can advise how best to keep your teeth clean and so reduce the chance of gum disease occurring or progressing. Other factors do affect gum disease, any disturbance to your body's immune system can upset gums. Gums commonly become more inflamed during pregnancy.