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The Princes Street Dental Practice has been providing dental care for the Yeovil area since 1864, having originally been located in the Medical Hall on the corner of Middle Street and the Borough. The Practice relocated to it's current premises in 1919, thereby fortuitously avoiding the destruction of the Medical Hall by the Luftwaffe. Subsequently the clinical area moved from the ground floor to the upper floors in 1932. Historically the Princes Street Dental Practice has encouraged stability and continuity of care, as a result it's surgeons have generally remained at The Practice for long periods of time. Since 1864 this has resulted in there only having been fourteen Principal Dental Surgeons within The Practice, all remaining in excess of 20 years.


We always regard children as very special patients, and do everything to make their visits pleasant and enjoyable .Our main aim is to help them form good dental habits, which will prevent problems with their teeth in later life. We feel that the successful care of children's dental health should lead to someone at the age of eighteen with no holes in their teeth, no fillings, a nice smile and happy, The happiness of a child is of equal importance to us as good oral health.

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